I have a YouTube channel to which I’ve recently been adding to. Here’s a breakdown of what you can find there:

Star Wars: The Old Republic

swtorfamily Guild Shenanigans: fun times with the @TORFamilyGuild people (videos by various contributors) 😄

Saturday Night Ops with swtorfamily Guild: same as the previous one but with only our ops runs 😉

Let’s Play: Jedi Shadow:

Let’s Play: Mercenary:

swtorfamily Storms Karagga’s Palace: story mode KP run on pub side

Team Stealthy vs. Red Reaper: Master mode run with @TheTheronShan

swtorfamily invades the Temple of Sacrifice: our guild’s first ToS run (imp side)

Khessya vs Red Reaper: solo run on master mode with my favorite toon

Stronghold Tours: