Lonely Travellers…

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It’s Monday (and #MirialanMonday on Twitter) and Khessya and I have the blues… Maybe life is nothing more Than a curse inside the blessed I will fight this bloody war with every strangled breath I’m on my own I’m on … Continue reading

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The Quest for Knowledge Is Full of Surprises

Or how some ideas outgrow you in the best possible way…

It’s a funny thing, an idea.

One day you’re helping your guild co-founders getting the SWTOR datacrons they still miss…



Then one of us suggests a datacron run on Nar Shaddaa to warm up for a World Boss guild hunt.



And you end up leading datacron runs every Sunday evening for your guildies, including the one datacron you swore you’d never do again!

[Screenshots by various guildies. Thanks for sharing your enjoyment with us!]

When I launched the idea for our swtorfamily guilds to go on datacron runs, I thought very few people would be interested, that everyone would find it boring and would rather do something else.

To say I was wrong would be quite the understatement!

We’ve visited every planet now and only have the fleet datacron to get before having a few “caching up” runs for those who missed one and I never expected to see so many of you there, to spend so much time dancing in the craziest locations, or to have snowball fights in the desert.

It’s been my pleasure getting you all lost around the galaxy in search for those tricky little shining boxes!



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Feel the Empty Space

Feel the Empty Space Continue reading

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Hope is more than a postponed disappointment

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Hope is more than a postponed disappointment Continue reading

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In the Yavin Jungle…

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Amidst the suffocating wilderness hides a secret and forgotten temple slowly awakening from a haunted slumber… Some- Okay, okay! Lots of furtive shots from my Yavin 4 Stronghold in Star Wars: the Old Republic. Khessya’s Vacation Retreat is on the public listing on … Continue reading

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Under the Coruscant Glimmering Lights

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Coruscant. The golden heart of the Galactic Republic where marbles and silks easily distract the naive eye from its dustier corners. And among all the splendor and appearances, sits the safe and quite haven of a family bonded not by blood … Continue reading

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A Burning Light in the Kaas City Rain

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Aeny let her eyes lazily follow the rain drops racing on the window. Dromund Kaas had never felt like home to her before. It certainly didn’t back when she was a slave dancing for her master’s clients. It didn’t either … Continue reading

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