Khessya headed to the solitude of her quarters. The ship course was set to the fastest route to Yavin 4 and her crew had been ordered to get some rest. The last few days had been everything but easy and tomorrow would come with even more challenges and mysteries to face.

She tried to focus and quiet her mind to get some much needed rest but it was easier said than done. So much had happened in the past few days and yet everything kept going back to Rishi and that last moment, that last conversation.

She had followed Zenith’s advice, followed her own heart, going against everything she knew, everything she’d ever been taught. Jedi were not supposed to form attachments, to give in to passion and feelings, it was a dangerous path to walk but she had chosen to anyway.

It should have felt wrong. It had felt perfectly right.

* * *

Theron left the bridge and made his way to the medbay. He had updated everyone on the events that had occurred on Rishi as best he could but there was only so much pain he could endure even with the help of his implants. That would have to do.

It didn’t help much that an adorable frown and intense purple eyes were haunting his every thoughts, adding to his lack of concentration and making him even more eager to escape his mother’s gaze.

He allowed himself a small smile. Of all the people in the galaxy he had to start falling for a Jedi. But she was so much more than that, than her titles and the stories about her. She was strong, determinate, passionate but also surprisingly sweet.

He shook his head and put those thoughts aside as he opened the door to the medbay. He didn’t know where this was going, he didn’t even know if he’d still be alive tomorrow but for once he didn’t mind, for once he felt happy. Life was definitely full of surprises!

* * *

Khessya lied down on her bed, giving up on trying to reconcile feelings and reason. The path ahead of her had always been a perilous one and it had never stopped her before. She wasn’t about to let the fact she didn’t know where her next step would take her change that.


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Theron sat on his bunk and finally allowed his thoughts a prudent freedom. His new “friends” hardly ever left him alone and he was under constant scrutiny. He had expected as much, he was a risk to them, the enemy turned ally, the cog in the machine that could either make it unstoppable or destroy it completely. He knew which one he was but they did not and he was determined to keep it that way.

He let out a sigh. He had known this wouldn’t be easy but he was prepared for it. Living among the enemy, pretending to be one of them, it took work, efforts and constant vigilance but he had both his training and experience to guide him through.

A glimpse of light brought his attention to a small object dancing in his hand. He shook his head. He hadn’t even realized he had grabbed it.

He frowned and sighed again. No, what made the mission so difficult to complete this time was the very reason it had all begun. Her. He whispered her name under his breath, Khessya. The balm turned blade to his soul at the memory of the pain in her eyes as he spoke the words that broke both their hearts and the sorrow in her voice when she had asked him why.

He wrapped his hand around the small object. He had bought it for her on an impulse, shortly after she had found her way in his life again, erasing five long years of loneliness. He hadn’t meant anything by it. It had made him think of her and he had thought a small gift might brighten her days a little. And yet he had never given it to her. And now he might never will.

He let out another sigh. She had asked, almost begged, him to come home. She had told him, and the whole galaxy, that she still loved him.

He opened his hand and stared at the small silver ring resting in his palm. Maybe all hope wasn’t lost yet.

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There’s a fire in her heart
That will burn until the end.
And a searing light in her mind
That may one day consume her.
The passion of a burning star,
Intense and blinding,
And the patience of a spark,
Waiting to ignite,
Strong and unwavering.
There’s a light in her eyes.
Small glimpse of the everlasting flame
That guides her through everything she does;
To her best mistakes
And her worst successes.
Just a soft glow in her eyes
Tiniest inkling that she may one day
Set the whole world on fire.

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The thief hid behind an old oak stump, careful not to disturb the quiet and draw attention to himself. For some reasons the guards had not followed him into the forest but for all he  knew, it could be a trap.

He gave himself some time to catch his breath and get used to his surroundings. The forest was old, much older than any he’d ever seen, and seemingly undisturbed despite spreading tight to the west side of a sizeable town. Maybe the townfolks weren’t fond of mushrooms.

Once he made sure the guards had not sneaked him behind him to surprise him, he carefully started making his way deeper inside the woods, taking care of avoiding dead twigs and thorny bushes.

This heist had been an utter waste of time from the start. He knew the Eye of Aldaena would be well-guarded but he hadn’t expected a small army and a whole arsenal of traps that would made breaking into the Emperor’s Palace a child’s play.

And it wasn’t just the guards. From the moment he had stepped into town, people had eyed him with a suspicion he wasn’t used to.

The thief shook his head. He would have plenty of time to figure it all out, and find an excuse for his buyer, once he’d be back to more familiar surroundings. For now, he had to focus on getting out of these woods as fast and quietly as he could.

His step took him to a narrow opening between the old, twisted trees. There lied some ancient carved stones, remnants of an ancient altar maybe, that felt quite out of place.

The thief stood still as he took in the view. This forest had a strange atmosphere to it and he couldn’t quite put his finger on why.

His sharp eyes scanned the area, searching for a way out as well as the source of his discomfort. His concentration turned into panic the moment it hit him. This forest should be thriving with life and yet there was not a sound to be heard.

He swiftly turned around and ran for his life…

* * *

The guard captain forced himself to stare at the forest as a short piercing scream of terror momentarily echoed from the trees. Only when its last note rang did he sigh and turn around to head back to the barracks.

The Chagrin Woods had turned silent again. And it was as deafening as ever…

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Note: this is a scene inspired by my “in progress” story. I don’t know yet if it will ever make it into the story or if that story will ever stop being “in progress”


The path takes an abrupt turn revealing a view that takes my breath away. Sunlight pours down into the valley where a forest lies, as different from the one I grew up in as day is to night. Nothing I have ever seen has prepared me to this.

Sparkle of lights are dancing above two rivers rushing to meet halfway across the valley to end their course as one in a lake I can barely glimpse between the dense vegetation. There, I’ve been told, thrives a village unseen by any but those born there and a culture untouched by the rest of the world.

Wind relentlessly but gently sweeps the dozens shades of green adorning the tree spread tall across a land that shines with more colors than I’ll ever be able to name. Here and there, I can spot the swift course of wild animals roaming freeling in and around the forest without a fear or worry. And high above the trees, birds of all size and hue dance and sing to a melody that echoes the rhythm beating through my heart and the heart of all living things.

Their songs resonate within me like nothing ever has before and my heart ache at the view of what might be the last peaceful corner of our world, breathing in perfect harmony with the Earth Song. Because in the midst of my awe I can still feel it, the darkness we temporarily left behind, the discordant note in the symphony that brings life to our world, threatening to shatter everything even this most secluded jewel.

I turn around to meet Faeyr’s gaze, the tears in my eyes echoing the longing, inscrutable pain at the sight of the place he used to call home. I know he chose, long ago, the exile that was once forced upon me, but his reasons are still a mystery to me. Some of our wounds still run too deep to be shared.

I let my hand rest on his heart as a sorrow as old as the world bleeds through his voice “Welcome to the Serene Woods, Anoar.”

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Khessya let her feet guide her without aim along the river bank. The wind playing with her hair, tall grass brushing her fingers.

Balmorra had changed a lot since she had last been here. It was still bearing the scars of a strenuous occupation followed by a brutal invasion but it was on the mend. And it was beautiful.

It felt strange to be back but it felt right. Balmorra had been a turning point in her life. It had been her first public victory in the name of the Order and the Republic. But more than anything, it was where she had met Zenith.

She missed her silent brooding friend. She missed his unforgiving opinions, his stubborn yet reasonable mind, his comfortably quiet support. She missed her friend at a time she needed him the most.

Theron’s disappearance had turned her whole world upside down and it took her totally by surprise. Not so much how much she cared for him but how much she needed him.

She let her mind wander as she watched the sunlight dance above the water, reminiscing on time spent together, of all the little things she loved about the two men who had ended up taking so much room in her heart. One she called her brother, the other her lover. The only two beings she had ever trusted.

She allowed a smile to lighten her face for a moment. Despite the pain of their absence, she just knew. Deep in her heart and soul she knew that one day they would be back. And she would be waiting for them.

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Keep driving.
Drive until the tears dry and the pain is left behind.
Drive forward.
Drive until your soul is lost and your heart is appeased.
Drive faster.
Drive until memories fade and the world becomes a blur.
Driver forever.
Drive until the sun dies and your reach the edge of the earth.
Keep driving.
Drive until all is left behind and only emptiness awaits.

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