Fibro Jedi :A treasure trove of guides for SW:TOR but also LOTRO, fanfic and an insight into the struggle of Fibromyalgia.

Donut’s Corner: Home of the hilarious Simnanigans featuring a bunch of SWTOR OCs including my very own Khessya.

The Coz’tal Legacy and The Thaumarturgus Legacy: fanfic about two legacies that sometimes intertwine for our reading pleasure.

The Cupacolypse : An insight into the story of Blizzaire, the SWTOR Winter Wrath and her daughter Raela

Tales from the Spire: SWTOR fanfic centered around Zakuul through the story of the Exarch Ixa.

Dreadful Sanity: reviews of lesser known games spiced with SWTOR fanfic.