A Burning Light in the Kaas City Rain

Aeny let her eyes lazily follow the rain drops racing on the window. Dromund Kaas had never felt like home to her before. It certainly didn’t back when she was a slave dancing for her master’s clients. It didn’t either after she became Darth Imperius, one of the few Sith Lords holding most of the Sith Empire’s power in her hands. She had never belonged here. Until now…

She turned around and wandered aimlessly around the stronghold for a while, wondering what about it was so different, why this place unlike any other, felt like home to her.

A million little things caught her attention, bringing memories to her mind.

A spare blaster lying on a crate of ammo, awaiting for repairs and belonging to Exi , the mercenary full of insane ideas who more often than not makes her roll her eyes and laugh until she cries, usually at the same time.

The neatly organized desk where Mili would spend hours gathering precious intel for them. The sweet but deadly Intelligence agent’s face had turned an interesting shade of red the few times she accidentally caught him looking at her but he had always treated her with respect and kindness so she didn’t mind.

The intriguing artifact the dangerously beautiful Kabwe brought back after her last expedition to Belsavis with her beloved Andronikos. Aeny had felt proud and honored when the powerful Darth Nox had suggested they could work together to crack its secrets.

The mysterious datacrons she discovered  on Nar Shaddaa during an expedition she had organized shortly after her ascendancy to the Dark Council. She had led her fellow Sith Lords but also cunning Intelligence assets and fearless Mandalorians into exploring the moon’s darkest corners and they all had followed her with unwavering trust in her and her abilities to keep them alive. It had been the first of many missions together to end with a party. She had danced that day, and many times afterwards, not because she had been told to but because she had wanted to. For her friends.  


The word put a smile on her lips. 

That was it, wasn’t it? These people were her friends. Each and every one of them.

And this was their home!

[Exi, Mili and Kabwe belong to my shenanigans partners and guild co-founders and are mentioned with their permission. Aeny belongs to me. 😊]

~*~ * ~*~

A few glimpses into the place the Imperial faction of the <swtorfamily> guild calls home.
Masterfully decorated by guild co-founder and head of the Stronghold and Flagship Sphere of Influence, GulJarol.

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