Elhynor, Master of Hidden Knowledge, & Jynthar, Black Bisector


Class: Jedi Consular, Sage (Seer)

Species: Mirialan

Love Interest: Felix Iresso



Class: Smuggler, Scoundrel (Ruffian)

Species: Mirialan

Love Interest: Akaavi Spar


Street urchins on Nar Shaddaa from a very young age, siblings Jynthar and Elhynor found the strength and will to survive in each other’s presence for a long time.

Then one day the Jedi came claiming Elhynor for the order leaving Jynthar alone with his bitterness.

While Elhynor took her training as a Jedi healer and servant of the light very seriously, Jynthar turned to a life of petty crimes and ruthlessness, slowly carving himself a reputation in the underworld and beyond.

As they both rose to prominent roles within the Republic as Barsen’thor of the Jedi Order and a Republic Privateer, the sibling’s path crossed once more and while life has set them further apart than ever, they still found ways to learn from and count on each other.


Those two were created pretty much at the same time and their stories is so much intertwined that I simply had to keep them together in this little blurb too.


About Celyn

Heavy dreamer, lover of stories, obsessive gamer, voracious reader, music addict, and worshipper of the color black. I ramble, I rant, I overthink things, I dream out loud, I swear, I overuse smilies and abuse ellipses. You have been warned...
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