Twi’lek Tuesday: Priorities


„Inun, there’s a call on the com. “

The Twi’lek, half way out of the room already, turns around, face all screwed up.

“Not now! Can’t you talk to them?”

The woman shakes her head.

“He says he wants to speak to the captain personally. Last I checked, that’s still you.”

 Inun rolls his eyes, walks over to the com and activates it.

“Tell me what you want, but make it quick” he snarls without even paying attention to who contacted him.

A heartbeat later he recognizes the face of the man he currently owes a lot of money to.

“Varon! I, uh, I’m sorry, you see I’m in a bit of a hurry right now. Maybe call back later?”

“The payback is long overdue, Inun” the small holographic face states matter-of-factly.

Inun uncomfortably shifts his weight.

“Your timing is… really unfortunate Varon…”

“My money, Captain. Take care of…

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Heavy dreamer, lover of stories, obsessive gamer, voracious reader, music addict, and worshipper of the color black. I ramble, I rant, I overthink things, I dream out loud, I swear, I overuse smilies and abuse ellipses. You have been warned...
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