Twi’lek Tuesday: Speed


„You did it?!“

„I did it!“

Inun circled the speeder, arms opened wide and smiling even wider. His Rodian friend meanwhile gaped at the slender vehicle between them, whose soft humming filled the small workshop room. The Twi’lek mechanic‘s lavender eyes sparkled with unbridled glee.

„That thing was a heap of scrap when you bought it! I thought you were crazy when you hauled it in here“, the young Rodian said.  „Can we take it for a ride?“ Excitement resonated in his voice.  

„Are you kidding me? Let’s go!“

Their ringing laughter and hollering echoed from the seemingly limitless walls of Coruscant’s upper levels. The wind tore at their shirts and stung their eyes, but it couldn’t sweep away the happiness of another small challenge overcome. The welding marks around Inun’s eyes were just as persistent.

Happy Twi’lek Tuesday! Today’s screenshot is a favourite of mine; it’s an edit of a rather inconspicuous shot (click here for comparison) that…

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