Rhaeka, the Forcewalker

Class: Sith Inquisitor, Assassin (Deception)

Species: Rattataki

Family: Vhaeden (brother)

Love Interest: Andronikos Revel


The past won’t hold me back and the future is mine to shape.

From the Rattatak gladiator pits to the Hutt arena death matches, Rhaeka suffered no competition but that of her twin brother Vhaeden.

Her capture during an illegal fight held in imperial space put her dreams of glory on temporary hold and profoundly deepened her resentment towards a brother who somehow managed to escape slavery when she couldn’t.

Weeks of labor in the mines and abuse from her overseer did nothing to temperate her vindictive spirit and culminated when the last of her many acts of rebellion ended up in a storm of lightening.

Her victories against both Zash and Thanaton followed by her ascendance to the Sith Dark Council led her to live a life even her more delirious dreams of glory couldn’t make up and allowed her to put her short experience as a slave and her bitter rivalry with her brother behind her although not quite out of her mind.


About Celyn

Heavy dreamer, lover of stories, obsessive gamer, voracious reader, music addict, and worshipper of the color black. I ramble, I rant, I overthink things, I dream out loud, I swear, I overuse smilies and abuse ellipses. You have been warned...
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