Twi’lek Tuesday: kiss my lekku edition



No little story for this Tuesday unfortunately, because I’m way too strained at the moment to focus on that. Have a silly picture instead. I like to imagine that that’s what a Twi’lek’s (ironic?) version of a kiss on the hand would look like.

Guest contribution time! ♥ “The more the merrier” also applies to special weekdays.

aenyssa Aenyssa (@celyntheraven)

fibrojedi-2-talithakoum Talitha’koum (@FibroJedi)

Zyndéra (@Knight_legacy)

rayyk-vayynwastaken-2 Rayyk (@VayynWasTaken)

Nik’jedu (@Chitonfya)

sioloani-1 Sio’loani (@ScrapperNimitz)

Nirnam (@GulJarol)

How this works:

  • You take a screenshot (or many!) of your Twi’lek that you find worth sharing.
  • I don’t take screenshots without permission, so if you want to have yours included in one of my posts you either have to like it to me on Twitter or leave a comment here.
  • If you send me more than one screenshot I’ll spread those out over the following Tuesdays, one at a time.
  • In case you’re on my “ongoing-permission list” and…

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