Nee’lah, Above the Law

Class: Bounty Hunter, Mercenary (Arsenal)

Species: Twi’lek

Love Interest: Torian Cadera

My guns may be for hire, but my soul is not for sale.

A street urchin on a backwater planet in Hutt Space, Nee’lah became a bounty hunter by accident but never regretted it, even when she had no choice but to kill people she thought didn’t deserve it or was used as a tool by a Sith Lord and a scapegoat by a Jedi Master.

One day while scavenging for food, she noticed a heavily armed woman acting in a way she deemed suspicious and decided to follow her to see what she was up to.

The woman happened to be a bounty hunter chasing a serial killer who had dropped quite the body count in town and made the mistake of killing a Hutt Cartel member’s favorite dancer.

The hunter ran into a trap laid by the criminal and would have died a slow and painful death without Nee’lah’s timely intervention.

Grateful for her help and impressed by the determination she saw in the little Twi’lek eyes, she took her under her wing and taught her the ropes of her trade. She died on the job a few months before Nee’lah joined Braden’s team in the hopes of competing in the Great Hunt.

Nee’lah is very close to her crew, with the exception of Skadge. She found love with Torian, has a particular affection for Blizz and his overwhelming displays of affection and admiration and sees Mako as the little sister she never had. Aliit ori’shya tal’din.

After the former Republic Chancellor cleared her name on Corellia and the death of Darth Tormen by her hand, Nee’lah put her career as a bounty hunter aside and joined Torian in rebuilding his clan.

After Zakuul invaded both Impeiral and Republic space, Nee’lah and Torian joined Shae Vizla, now Mandalore the Avenger, to war. When Mandalore allied with the Alliance Commander on Darvannis, Nee’lah and Torian left for Odessen to act as a liaison between the Alliance and the clans.



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