Kaedric, the Butcher’s Bane

Class: Smuggler, Gunslinger (Saboteur)

Race: Human

Love Interest: Lanyssa (Imperial Agent)

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There’s a saying in the Underworld that if you follow a trail of blaster holes and broken hearts you will find the infamous Captain Kaedric at its end.

Often viewed as selfish and ruthless, few people actually know that beneath the boasting and flirting is a wound that runs deep.

The events that led to his confrontation with the Voidwolf were only the next in the long serie of betrayals that has been his life.

As a young child, Kaedric helplessly witnessed the brutal murder of his mother by brutes sent by the local Exchange boss in retaliation for the theft of a cargo of spice by a father who had been quick to abandon his family.

Kaedric spent the following years drifting from planets to planets, often as a stow away, taking jobs from whoever would give him one and stealing from those who wouldn’t.

He eventually joined the crew of a smuggler who taught him how to fly a ship, make quick money with minimum risks and helped him find and get revenge on his father. Kaedric’s beloved XS Freighter was the last gift of his dying mentor after a deal in Imperial space that took a turn for the worst.

There’s nothing the Captain loves more than making good money while looking like a hero and getting the girl at the end but it doesn’t mean he is without principles. He has no tolerance for betrayal, spice trafficking or slavery and has a strict no sleeping with crew members policy he follows to the letter.

He was introduced to SIS agent Theron Shan by Jakarro who asked him for help investigating the Revanites. And while he never got directly involved in the fight against Revan he did everything he could to help behind the scene then and kept in touch with Theron later on.

He accepted Shan’s offer to join the Alliance he, Lana and Khessya were building against Zakuul. During a reconnaissance mission he met and fell in love, though he’d rather die than admit it, with former imperial spy Lanyssa.



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