Khaeyrr, the Empire’s Wrath

Khaeyrr, the Empire’s Wrath

Class: Sith Warrior, Juggernaught (Vengeance)

Race: Human

Love Interest: Lana Beniko


Born into one of the very few prominent imperial families that cannot be traced to a Sith lineage, ancient or recent, Khaeyrr would probably have become a Grand Moff or a General hadn’t he displayed a strong force sensitivity at a young age.

Because the Empire is the Empire, his family kept him sheltered from the Korriban Academy and its fierce competition as long as they could to avoid any schemes that might have seen him killed to prevent the appearance of a new lineage in the deadly game of Sith politics.

Khaeyrr shows the arrogance born from both the privileges and insecurities of a sheltered life in luxury. That attitude, his strength in the Force and the deep conviction that nothing can stand in his way has lead him to rise swiftly among the Sith despite the odds being stacked against him.


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