Mhaerek, the Uncompromising

Class: Trooper, Commando (Gunnery)

Race: Zabrak

Family: Braehan (sister)

Love Interest: Elara Dorn

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The couple of years that followed his sister’s departure for the Jedi Order saw Mhaerek’s life take a turn for the worst.

When his father died during a police raid against a gang a couple of months after his mother died from a long and painful disease, the  young man turned to violence, seeking swift and brutal justice against the criminals who plagued his city by fighting them with all the strength of his anger.

His behavior regularly led him behind the bars of the local police station where his father used to work, usually after a visit to the hospital his mother worked then died in. It’s after one of these fights that Mhaerek met the woman who would change his life.

A brutal fight against one of the local gang leaders had led Mhaerek to the hospital in handcuffs and with a nasty cut across his face, a sight that caught the attention of one Lieutenant Rezlo.

The Lieutenant had been discharged from the Republic military after losing her leg during a skirmish with the White Maw on Hoth and was on Iridonia for reeducation. Impressed by the intense determination that showed on the boy’s face, she went and talked to him and convinced him to put all that energy and thirst for justice in the service of the Republic by joining the army.

Impressed by the woman’s resilience and courage, Mhaerek enrolled into the army as soon as he was old enough, vowing to make his mentor and sister proud and to work to make the galaxy a better place so others wouldn’t have to suffer the losses he did.

He quickly rose to the ranks and his dedication to uphold the Republic ideals while putting its citizens first led him to become the leader of Havoc Squad, where he formed strong bonds with his XO and friend, Aric Jorgan, his engineer, Yuun, but also, and mainly with his medic, Elara Dorne in which he found a kindred spirit and a soul mate.


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