Braehan, Jedi Battlemaster

Class: Jedi Knight, Sentinel (Concentration)

Species: Zabrak

Family: Mhaerek (brother)

Love Interest: Doc

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Born on Iridonia, Braehan is the second child of a law enforcement officer and a nurse. Growing up, she and her brother Mhaerek were very close so when she started showing signs of Force sensitivity, her parents didn’t delay in sending her to the Jedi for training, thinking a quick, clean separation would be less difficult for the children to handle.

Braehan dealt with the separation with her brother, to whom she looked up a lot, and parents by promising herself that she would work hard to make them proud of her.

While highly skilled as a warrior, Braehan thrives to avoid bloodshed as often as possible, always making room for discussion to avoid a fight.

She is fiercely loyal to the ideals of the Republic and the Jedi Order and has the deepest respect for Grand Master Satele Shan.

Her devotion to the light side is absolute and the Jedi Code guides her in every aspect of her life with the exception of the no attachment rule.

Although she has not sought contact with her brother since leaving to join the Order, she is aware, and proud, of his achievements as an elite soldier of the Republic.

During her mission to seek and kill the Sith Emperor, she started to develop strong romantic feelings for Doc, her crew’s medic, after finding out he hid a fundamentally good nature beneath his boasting and bragging.

Her failure to resist the Emperor’s possession and her actions during that time still haunts her at time but she’s grown to use this failure as a reminder that no one is infallible.


Note: Braehan holds a special place for me, she’s my first alt, the first one I finished the class story. And because I played her text book light side Jedi, she’s the first one I put through new content too.



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