The New SWTOR Event or How I Can’t Resist the Shinies…

Yesterday, Star Wars: The Old Republic launched a new event that caused some disturbances in the Force: the Light vs Dark Event.


The event mainly consists in leveling new characters (one, two or eight of them, depending on what reward level you want to achieve) through already existing content of the game. As you can imagine, some of the long-time players, myself included, were not too happy about it for several reasons:

– If you’re not an alt-aholic, it means having to create new alts to do content you’ve already done when you’ve been waiting and hoping for new end-game content.

-If you are an alt-aholic who’s been there from day one or the early beginnings of the game, you might not have enough server slots to roll all those characters meaning you either have to buy new ones through the Cartel Market, delete existing characters to make room for new ones or move to another server which isn’t really a solution since most of the event rewards are legacy, and thus server, bound. And it means re-doing content you’ve already done again and again and again and…

– Only characters created after the start of the event can work towards achieving the different tasks set to you.

The event is obviously catering to new players and as someone who is not new to the game but not a veteran either, I can see how those who have already done it all welcomed the event with mitigated feelings.

My first reaction to it was one of rejection too. I already have 32 alts, including some level one I haven’t played any further than putting on their shiny armor and buying legacy perks for. I didn’t want to create new ones.

But ever since they announced the event, the idea of the rewards has been nagging me, especially the crates…

And that’s the thing, once the alt I’m currently playing is done with Shadow of Revan, Ziost and the first nine chapters of KotFE, the plan is to level another level one alt, then another, then… You get the point. Meaning that PvP, Operations and Flashpoints aside, I was already going to do all the things required for the event but because my alts were created before June 28th, I wouldn’t get the shinies that come with the event.

I guess you can see where this is going, right?

I swear there’s a little voice in my head that keeps telling me “You’re impossible!” and it sounds just like Lana Beniko!

Eventually, I’ve decided, albeit reluctantly, to re-roll two of my level one alts despite having spent a lot of credits in legacy perks for them already: a Jedi Sage and a Sith Marauder.


I’m not going to try and reach any further level than Eternal though. There is just too much to do to reach Legendary, especially since none of my alts, not even my “main” are in a guild (by choice).

I’m not really looking forwards to the reaching Valor 5 achievement since I absolutely hate playing PvP and I still really wish the Tactical Flashpoint requirements could be achieved by any alts, including those created before June 28th but beggars can’t be choosers and when it comes to accumulating shinies, I seem to always be a beggar…



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