The Ravensheart Legacy on Star Wars: The Old Republic

While my SWTOR legacy counts around 20 characters, my canon legacy revolves completely around my Jedi Shadow and the five allies and friends who eventually joined forces with her to fight Zakuul.

swtor 2017-01-14 18-14-58-065

Before she became the Outlander and the Eternal Alliance Commander, Khessya was the Jedi Order Barsen’thor and a member of the Jedi Council.

During those years, she built a strong friendship with Imraehyr, the Jedi Knight who struck the first harmful blow against the Sith Emperor on Dromund Kaas and paid a terrible price for it.

She later met Aenyssa, the Sith Lord and Dark Council member known as Darth Imperius on Rakata Prime during her confrontation with the Revanites. When Khessya faced Revan on Yavin 4, Aenyssa stood once again by her side. Suspicious at first, Khessya quickly found out that behind the mask, Aenyssa hid a gentle and generous heart and offered the Sith Lord friendship, understanding and a sanctuary should she ever need one.

When Khessya went to Ziost to investigate Vitiate’s presence, and hopefully find Theron Shan, Aenyssa was already there, helping Lana Beniko and Lanyssa, the imperial agent formerly known as Cipher Nine. The three of them worked together to help evacuate the planet and minimize the damage done by Vitiate. In a move that completely surprised Khessya, Lanyssa confessed to her and Theron Shan her true allegiances and promised to keep them updated on anything happening within the Empire that might require their attention.

After Zakuul invaded the galaxy and kept her in carbonite for five years, Khessya found herself leading an Alliance against this new enemy.

While she was MIA, Theron Shan and Lana Beniko worked tirelessly, with Aenyssa and Lanyssa’s help to find her. They were soon joined by Imraehyr who refused to believe she was dead and contacted Theron with an offer to help and Kaedric, a smuggler Theron met through Jakarro back when they were investigating the Revanites.

As the Alliance gathered strength and allies, they were joined on Darvannis by Nee’lah, the last Grand Champion of the Great Hunt to date, and what was left of the Mandalorian clans.

Together they worked to end Arcann then Vaylin’s reigns and bring peace back to the galaxy.



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