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The Lost Sailors

They have been travelling for so long. Trapped in the greenness of the oceans, the blueness of the skies. Assaulted by the saltiness of the air, the coldness of the winds. Prisoners of their very own dream, with no chance … Continue reading

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The New SWTOR Event or How I Can’t Resist the Shinies…

Yesterday, Star Wars: The Old Republic launched a new event that caused some disturbances in the Force: the¬†Light vs Dark Event. The event mainly consists in leveling new characters (one, two or eight of them, depending on what reward level … Continue reading

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The Ravensheart Legacy on Star Wars: The Old Republic

While my SWTOR legacy counts around 20 characters, my canon legacy revolves completely around my Jedi Shadow and the five allies and friends who eventually joined forces with her to fight Zakuul. Before she became the Outlander and the Eternal … Continue reading

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Welcome, friends, to my little corner of the Internet where I can babble, ramble and sometimes rant about the things I love and the ones that make me tick. My name is Celyn and I’ll be your guide in the … Continue reading

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