[SWTOR] Stolen Moment


And now you lie sound asleep in my arms
Quiet as a cool summer breeze
Trusting and at peace
While a hurricane tears my world apart
Defying my resolve
Challenging my soul to its core
Shattering the walls I built around my heart
And I realize
My world will never be the same
Your shimmering light turned it brighter
Remembrance of everything I am fighting for
A world worth dying for
A love worth living for.


The gorgeous artwork up there is by the amazingly talented @Glorfinniell, make sure to pass by her DeviantART and give her some love there 😊

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[Fanfic: SWTOR] Reaching Out


Khessya slowly made her way to the Jedi Temple on Tython. Her visit had a purpose, of course, everything she had done these past few years had. But for the first time in an eternity she could enjoy a slower pace. To catch her breath and put her thoughts in order.

The Galaxy was on the brink of war once more and she, along with the Rift Alliance she had helped bring together, were desperately needed to help shore the Empire’s forces. But they lacked resources, they lacked an army. And the Children of the Emperor would stop at nothing to see her fail. She needed a plan.

Her steps and thoughts had led her to the Temple training grounds where Padawan of all ages were mastering the arts of combat with their Masters. Khessya had often wished she could have spent her childhood on Tython, to feel that sense of community, to belong somewhere. But the Force had had other plans for her and while she embraced her duties as a Jedi, she had never felt truly part of the Order.

Except for those few hours. Those few stolen hours spent sparring, training and causing all kind of troubles in the Academy with the only Jedi she ever really felt a connection to.

Another prodigy. Another young woman raised and trained away from the Order she was sworn to serve. Another pair of shoulder carrying the galaxy’s weight. The young woman practicing her Soresu form at the edge of the training ground Khessya had just reached.

Khessya watched her friend for a while. The same unbreakable rock, irradiating the same determination as ever but also a pain beyond her understanding.

Unbreakable but cracked. Perhaps beyond her reach…

Light footsteps and the serene presence of Grand Master Shan interrupted her train of thoughts. “Barsen’thor. We were not expecting you so soon.” The Grand Master’s attention turned to the Jedi Knight who was now approaching them. “But it seems the Force has called you where you were needed the most. As always.”

The Jedi Knight nodded in their direction. “Grand Master Shan. Barsen’thor.”

Grand Master Satele nodded back. “Auurynn.” Then turned her attention back to Khessya. “Our technicians will still need at least another two hours to get the Noetikons ready for you.”

Khessya nodded. “Thank you, Master Satele.” She turned her attention to her friend as the Grand Master started making her way back to the Temple. “Auuryyn…”

“Hey Khes… It’s been a while.” Beaten, broken, lost. So far gone…

Khessya couldn’t hide a frown as she looked into Auuryyn’s eyes. “Far too long, we have both been busy.”

“That we have.” Auuryyn let out a short, sad, sigh. “And now you’re giving me the frown. Don’t worry about me Khes, I’ll be fine.”

Khessya’s frown deepened. Her friend had been taken and turned to the dark side by the Sith Emperor himself. That she had come back at all showed a willpower few people possessed and it gave Khessya hope. “I know you will.” But she had seen enough Jedi turning back to the light after erring in the darkness to know how difficult that path could be. “You always do.”

Auuryyn sighed. “Yeah, I do. It’s different this time though…”

Khessya nodded. “I know. But you are not alone, remember that.” She gently bumped her friend’s shoulder with her fist. “Because if you forget, I’m going to have to kick your ass!”

“You?” Auuryyn laughed, something Khessya knew she hadn’t done for a long time. “In your dreams, Khes! The day you can kick my ass is the day I-” Auurynn’s voice broke once more.

Khessya’s frown turned into a mischievous smile. Her friend might be beyond her help, but she wasn’t completely beyond her reach. “Oh yeah? Why don’t we give this a try right now, if you’re so sure?”

Auuryyn found her voice back and unsheathed her lightsaber. “You’re on, my friend!” She smiled as Khessya unsheated her lightsaber too. “And if that fails, you can always frown me to death!”

Khessya allowed herself a smile. There was hope for Auuryyn yet. “You can count on that, my friend!”


This little story takes place between Act 2 and 3 of the Jedi Consular and Knight in SWTOR.

Khessya is my Jedi Shadow and Jedi Knight Auuryyn belongs to @TomorrowKnights who kindly allowed me to borrow her. You can find more about her SWTOR legacy here.


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[Fanfic: SWTOR] Wounded Trust

Khessya stepped out of the shuttle and made her way to the old ruins that once served as headquarters for another unlikely alliance all those years ago.

She needed to be somewhere she would be left on her own, she had made sure Lana understood she didn’t want to be followed, or even looked for. The Sith Lord had tried to protest, of course, but even Lana couldn’t break her resolve. Not today. Not after Umbara.

She had taken a shuttle and set course for Yavin 4. The moon was unwelcoming, stifling with humidity and the dark side of the Force. It was the perfect place. No one would look for her here. And she needed the solitude almost as much as she needed the memories.

She sat on the floor and embraced the breathtaking view. Despite the lingering remnants of a dark past, she had a careful fondness for the green moon. She had been happy here.

She let her mind bring her back to memories of time spent with the only two people she had ever fully trusted. The two people who had abandoned her.

She allowed her tears to run freely. While she never agreed on the Jedi Order’s stance on emotions, she knew better than letting them overwhelm her. And she was getting dangerously close.

Sorrow. Anger. Loneliness.

The man she loved had turned her back on her and on everything they had shared and worked for. For reasons that didn’t even begin to make sense. And the only person she would have allowed herself to share her pain, concerns and doubts with was nowhere to be found. She had never felt so alone.

So she let the tears run. For as long as she needed them to. Allowing herself to forget about the Alliance, the war, everything but the pain tearing her apart. The galaxy might not stop breathing for her but today, for the first time in her life, she would stop breathing for the galaxy.

Only when her last tear had dried, numbing her pain for a short while, did she allow herself to move. And think.

She carefully wandered between old stones and thick vines, allowing the ghosts of her memories to haunt her.

Here on Yavin, a lifetime ago, Grand Master Satele had called her a light guiding others into the darkness. But how was she to guide anyone when she was lost and left in the dark too?

He had called her a tyrant. Helpless against foes threatening the galaxy she, they, had been working so hard to protect. He had lost his trust, his faith in her. If he ever had any.

She was determined to find him. To make him explain. To help her understand. To give her answers, willingly or not. And to figure out what would come next. For him. For her. For them…

He had said he loved her. That he couldn’t live without her. And he had stabbed her in the back. You know I love you but this is bigger than us. How could he? How could he see her as a monster and still love her? Where did the truth stop and the lies begin?

She couldn’t even begin to wrap her head around it all. They had both worked tirelessly to bring relief and peace to the galaxy. Spent hours finding ways of using their resources to help those in need and put down uprisings and riots before they turned into another war. How was that making her a symbol of oppression.

So much for your dreams of peace. She had thought, believed, with her whole heart, that it had been their dream. One they shared and worked on together. As a team. As partners.

Was it all a lie?

How did this all happen? When did he stop believing in the dream they shared? In peace? When did he ever start thinking she would brush his concerns and doubts away without a thought. When did she lose him?

The man who told her those words on that train was not the Theron Shan she knew and loved. The Theron Shan she met on Umbara was a stranger. The Theron Shan she gave her heart to wanted the galaxy to find peace but not at the cost of innocent lives. Had she fallen in love with a lie?

She leaned against a broken wall and wrapped herself into her arms. Her pain was too intense, her sorrow too deep, her thoughts too confused.

She closed her eyes, allowing more tears to drop. Sometimes, the loss is just too much.

People keep trying to break us up. They never learn… I wanted to tell you… I couldn’t take that risk… I’d do anything to protect you… Whatever happens down there, I just wanted to say… I love you…

The words haunted her, sweet and sharp. She wanted to believe those words. To believe there was more to his betrayal than met the eye. She wanted to hope. To believe in him.

And in that moment she realized that she would.

Because she loved him.

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